Receipt of status mail

New in AcubizEMS version R6.40.

Status mail are received when the employee or approver has transactions and receipts that are not considered complete. Depending on the configuration of broadcast frequencies the following rules apply for the status mail:


Status mail are sent:
If one or both criteria are met.

  1. If you have transactions that are in your unprocessed area
  2. If you have receipts (pictures) that have not been attached to transactions (awaiting transaction)

Status mail are not sent:
If both criteria sare met.

  1. If your unprocessed area is empty
  2. If you do not have receipts awaiting transactions


Status mail are sent:

  1. If you as approver needs to approve transactions

Status mail are not sent:

  1. If you do not have transactions you need to approve


Unprocessed transactions 

You have no unprocessed transactions:

You have unprocessed transactions:

Receipts (images) 

You have no unprocessed receipts


You have unprocessed receipts:



You have no transactions for your approval:


You have transactions you need to approve:

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