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Version 1.7

Releasenotes Acubiz One version 1.7

Version 1.7.0

New Functionality

  • Ability to view and approve Invoices (Note: Require Web R7.0 and access to IMS)
  • “New Version available” Info. New section that will be visible in Dashboard when a new version is available in the stores. The section can be closed to not disturb regular usage. The section will re-appear if the user logs out of app, and logs back in.
  • Receipts (Card transactions before match) is now available for all users. The list is accessible in a separate list in the users work area (Users work area: Section found by clicking the red top bar on the dashboard)
  • StoreBox integration (Native Sharing): From Storebox app, Acubiz One is now available when selection option to share a receipt


  • UI Redesign:
    • Consistency: Users work area link (red bar) displays User name of the logged in user – or user a secretary is working on behalf of (In this case the work area bar is grey)
    • Consistency: Approvers work area link (second red bar) displays EMS name. In a Solution with multiple Companies (EMS’s) the EMS name of the first company with transactions to approve will be displayed, if no transactions are waiting for approval, the Home EMS is displayed.
    • In a Solution with multiple Companies (EMS’s) the Approver’s Bar now includes total number of transactions for approval across EMS’s.
    • Dashboard and favorites configuration have been moved to the settings page.
    • The settings page has now been split up in sections (tabs): General, Security, Dashboard, Favorites, About
    • New tabs look-and-feel are introduced in app.
  • Translation improvements


  • [Android] Fix to issue that resulted in red error-window in app.
  • [Android] Mileage – Address list would disappear.
  • [Android][iOS] Implementing more robust structure in requests.
  • [iOS] Fix for approver with special character in login-name - no access to view images.
  • [iOS] Fix to issue: System accounts not default selected on e-transactions - and cannot be selected from list.
  • [iOS] Fix to Mileage 1000 issue.
  • [iOS] iPhone XS Max optimization.
  • [API] Fix to translation of Category Explanatory text. Did not translate to Phone Language.
  • [API] Fix to time widget: Category displayed the same for every "area".
  • [API] Fix to image handling: Could not display image/pdf with "~" in filename.
  • [API] Fix to handle decline reason with special character.
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