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Version 1.8

Releasenotes Acubiz One version 1.8

Version 1.8.1

Bug fixes 

iOS 1.8.1

Synchronization issue: Automatic update of account changes is not working 

Android 1.8.1

Using saved report, crashes app.

Version 1.8.0

New Functionality

  • New Report feature.
    Now available for additional transaction types and option for 2 levels of grouping.
    • Transaction types: Expenses, Mileage and Allowance. As well as already supported: Time.
    • Filters: Available on the following levels: Transaction type – Timeframe – Account - Dimension(s)
    • Grouping: Options are (depending on filter selections): Transaction type - Account - Dimension(s)
  • Out of office for Approvers.
    An option to select date frame and alternate approver while away. The setting affects all new transactions. Existing transactions, waiting to be approved will still be in the original approvers queue. (Functionality like EMS)
  • Allowance and mileage support of UK rules.
  • Force update.
    The force update is initiated by 2 parameters:
    Acubiz decided latest version that we want to support and
        2. Any specific version(s) we do not support.
        How it is affecting the user:
  • User's dashboard and lists will be the only thing available to access.
  • They will receive the following message. "You are currently using a version of Acubiz One that is no longer supported. Please find the latest and greatest version in your Store. "
  • The "update widget" released in 1.7 will be shown giving direct access to the latest version in stores.
  • Mileage Copy feature
  • Mileage Return Trip feature


  • Mileage (Transfer on Request): Edit and Delete actions now has same "look and feel" as generally implemented in the app
  • From Dashboard, in users "red bar", the count of unmatched receipts will be visible.
    Unmatched receipts are: 1. Card registrations before e-trans import, 2. Card registrations/Mail-in that could not auto-match, 3. File-uploads from EMS or 4. Receipts that are "released" when a transaction has been deleted. (Still to come, but not prioritized: Manual Match)
  • Improved Crop. Now with possibility to zoom.
  • OCR minor improvements. (Still to come: Server-side OCR)
  • Performance: [iOS] Notification widget update: Now every 15 min (Note: no refresh option or automated refresh entering notification page)

Bug fixes

  • Minor bugfixes.
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