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Version 1.9

Version 1.9.2


Map Mileage issue with Google API integration when searching for an address. In some cases, the app shuts down. This has now been corrected.

Version 1.9.1


Mileage fix in relation to odometer displaying always

Version 1.9.0

New Functionality
Demo Solution. Option to sign up for a 30-day demo period to explore the opportunities in Acubiz ONE. EMS 7.01 is required for Demo Solution (EMS)


  • Reports – Improvements to look & feel of final report
  • Error handling - Improvements: Now with more user-friendly notices
  • Backend API improvements

Bug fixes

  • Issue accessing Reports for some customers
  • Mileage with EMS setting "Use trip meter": Trip meter value can now be edited (both track and map mileage) 
  • Setting remember last currency, did not work
  • Saved Reports did not remember Account
  • iOS - iPhone
    • iOS – OCR improvements
    • iOS – Force Touch fix
    • iOS – [iPad] Counter is not displayed correctly 
    • iOS – [iPad] Secretary => bar does not change color
    • iOS – [iPad] Image does not follow direction of iPad
    • Android – Report configuration fixes
  • Android:
    • Android – Fix to unnecessary prompt on Time creation
    • Android – Fix to unnecessary prompt on viewing transactions
    • Android – Finance decline creates duplicate receipts. Now fixed
    • Android – Dashboard setting duplicate categories issue now fixed
    • Android – [Tablet] Receipt counter now added
    • Android – [Tablet] Tilting tablet crashes app. Now fixed
    • Android – [Tablet] Total for approval, counters swapped. Now fixed
    • Android – [Tablet] Fix to Reports button
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