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Version 2.1

Version 2.1.1 (Android only)

Bug fixes 

   Android Platform 

  • Native Sharing does not work after upgrade to 2.1.  
  • Offline mode issue. Trying to open app in offline mode, the app crashes. 
  • New Version widget does not remove automatically after upgrade to new version


Version 2.1.0 (iOS and Android)

New Functionality 

  • Support of transaction type: Unit. (Requirement: EMS Release 7.10) 
  • Enable edit of Exchange Rate on Cash Expenses - If configured. (Requirement: EMS Release 7.10) 


  • Approval of Mileage. Transaction now includes indication, if a change has been made to GPS recorded driven distance. 
  • Expense ReportTransaction types that are not allowed to be submitted without being attached to an Expense Report can now only be created and saved through the app.  
  • Mileage: Mandatory requirement for registration number – Now only a requirement for Danish and Norwegian country rules. 
  • Unsettled Widget improvements  better handling of negative amount in widgets.
  • Receipt list features“Change authorizer” is not valid in this context and has been removed. 

Bug fixes 

  • Company Policy issue in calculations with foreign currency. 
  • Adding receipts through Mail-In feature does not add default dimensions to the receipt. (Released in API 2.0.0 (2)) 
  • Allowance, with setting “Transfer on Request”. Does not store addition/deductions correctly.  

   Android Platform 

  • Expenses cannot be submitted when setting "transfer on request" is activated.  
  • Mileage “Return trip featurecopies originally selected vehicle type correctly, but does not submit it. 
  • Approval counter does not always update correctly. 
  • Report with budget does, under certain conditions, not return anything.  

 iOS Platform 

  • The History List does not always show all transactions. Occurs only when lot of items are loaded in list and a dashboard refresh is made. 
  • Unsettled widget, released in 2.0, is not available for all customers (Shows as Disabled in Dashboard settings). 
  • Unsettled widget - The user can in some configurations experience that the app closes unexpectedly. 
  • Report for “Current Month” in some instances includes transactions for next month. 
  • Native sharing does not honor Dimension/Account relation properly (Account driven dimension configuration)
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