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New in version R6.60

Overview of the news that comes with the latest version of Acubiz EMS version R6.60.


All presentations used for the main presentation and workshops are available for download at the bottom in this article.

New functions



  • Now also with settlements and requisitions
  • New approve feature can now approve multiple attachments at once
  • Authentication filter, now also on dimensions
  • Mandatory comments are now also displayed in the listings, not just on the attachment
  • Improved notification in app for approval / rejection


  • Adding more reciepts to the same registration is now an option
  • Request new password functionality
  • Manage transactions from the Unprocessed list
  • Multiple language support - new languages are Swedish, Norwegian, German
  • Enforcement of customer-specific validation


  • Google integration for manual route entry
  • Carregistration number now available at the time of entry
  • Carregistration number is remembered by new registration. Set default to EMS configured value

Acubiz EMS


  • New menustructure, as well as uniform expression across user features. Includes improved document-level clarity

Administrator and finance funktions

  • Better search function
  • Create new user/account/dimension based on existing (copy function)
  • Dimension requirements now possible to set per account type
  • Cash advances and, for example, card fees can now be set up to be reported ready automatically
  • Postingtext, account number and VAT no can now be overridden by Finance
  • Administrator access to change initials and/or login
  • New mail texts
  • New user friendly welcome email feature that contains links to available apps
  • Ability to configure email texts with links to available apps
  • Search directly in overview for dimensions, accounts and users
  • Manual exports now more simple

New country rules

  • Allowance rules for Greenland
  • Allowance- and driving rules for Austria

New Languages

  • Language support for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


  • New Web Service for Maintenance of Dimensions, Users and bookingfiles
  • Simplified Import to Dimensions and Users
  • Export to Dataløn
  • Firstcard import extended to include Travel Account
  • New Eurocard import profiles for support of different accounts per. company
  • Support for different CHARSET in relation to imports/exports

Acubiz Express

New Solution for Small Businesses.


Ny Login page

Central login page for all solutions on
Use the following information to login:

  • CompanyID (As on CAPTURE)
  • Username
  • Password

Cash Back

Cash Back integration for VAT recovery 


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