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Amount per. Participant or days (CPM)

Requirements can be set about limits per. Participant or per. Day of consumption on individual expense accounts in Acubiz. It is not a stopwatch for the user, but it may result in an explanation from users being required for why company policy has been violated.

At 2 expense accounts, there are rules in the company about how much you can use. per. Participant and pr. day. If this limit is broken, the user must provide an explanation. The actual violation and the user's explanation will be clearly stated for the approver before approval.

Gifts for customers (limit per participant)
An account (gifts for customers) has been set up that requires entering the number of participants at the time of settlement.


This account is set with a max. DKK 500 (System Currency) per. participant on this account.

  • A user buys for 1,250 DKK and enter 2 participants = 625 DKK per. Participant = explanation required.
  • A user buys for 1,250 DKK and enter 3 participants = 417 DKK per. Participant = NO explanation required.

Example in CAPTURE:


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