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More pictures / receipts per. transaction

It is now possible to associate multiple images per. Transaction via CAPTURE. This applies regardless of whether you are using camera / camera roll or Unprocessed overview.

The first receipt is taken normally and an overview of images is shown. Here it is possible to attach multiple receipts.

First receipt:


Then press the PLUS button to take more pictures.


This process is repeated until the correct number of images is attached.


Then proceed as normal.

NB. Note that the more images that are attached, the longer it takes to transfer and roaming is enabled, this will further affect your data usage and phone billing.

Maximum number of images:

  • Apple iPhones: No known limit (but 20 should be fine)
  • Google Android: No known limit (but 20 should be fine)
  • Windows Phones: max 3 images.
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