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Getting started with CPM

Company Policy Manager is part of Acubiz 'FASTTRACK. Cut down on time consumption - regardless of whether it's employees, approvers or finance department, and here the CPM will be entitled to the finance department and its time spent in Acubiz.

CPM assumes that nothing will be approved in FINANS. Everything is settled by the employees and approved by the manager and from there the transactions are sent directly to bookkeeping.



When this is set up in Acubiz, the terms and conditions for when transactions must be approved in FINANS, based on the following criteria (in combination)

  • General spot check
    • Set a general %-value for how many transactions are to be controlled in FINANCE (eg 10%, 25% or 50%) seen over one month. (% Rate is optional)
  • Transactions on a particular account (can be set up on all Acubiz expense accounts)
    • All transactions on this account no matter the amount
    • Transactions over a certain amount on this account
    • All transactions in the account, used in specific countries
  • Transactions from a particular person

Control strength and prioritization

The different CPM policies have different priorities / strengths. Some controls are stronger than others and thus undermine the underlying controls. Below ranked by strength:

  1. Account Control (Amount / Country)
  2. Employee Control (spotcheck)
  3. Spotcheck in general

This means that if there is 25% general spotcheck, a rule on a selected account will be stronger than the spotcheck. Likewise, a the specific account control will be stronger than spotcheck on an employee and spotcheck in general.


The model shows that 25% of transactions "land" for control in FINANCE in Acubiz before they come to posting.



How to setup spotcheck >>


Specific account to be checked in Finance.

This is the model shown that all transactions on the "Hotel" expense account, always "land" for checking in Finance, before posting. This setting has a higher priority than the overall random check.


How to setup control on a specific account >>





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