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Account to be checked in Finance (CPM)

If the Company Policy Manager (CPM) is set up to ensure that nothing is checked in Finance, select accounts can be checked if they are to be checked or not. This can be done in two ways:

For checking on selected accounts if ..

  • Consumed amount exceeds fixed limit
  • Consumption has been made in one or more specific countries



Consumed amount exceeds fixed limit:

In this example, the setting on the "Hotel - accommodation" account is set to ensure that all transactions are controlled in Finance - regardless of amount. There may be several reasons for this, including if split for accommodation and meals are needed.


In the above setup, transactions will be taken for control in Finance if ...

  • The amount is over 2,000, - DKK (system currency)
  • Consumption country is DK, regardless of amount.

This means that all transactions made in DK will be controlled in finance for e.g. split, and all other consuming countries will only be checked if the amount exceeds 2,000,- DKK (system currency)

The setup can be made in different combinations:

All transactions over 0 DKK (system currency) must be checked - regardless of the country of consumption


All transactions in SE (Sweden) and DE (Germany) must be checked - regardless of amount.


There may be different setups of these policies in different accounts.

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