Data structure - field descriptions

In export formats, the data structure is the same across the different export types (except Type 5 - Salary). This means that all export types contain the same number of columns, but data deliveri depends on the export type.

The export types consist of 22 columns with the following information:


  1. Preregistration (provision)
  2. Costs
  3. Invoice
  4. Cash advances

All postings contains 2 lines - one debet and one credit line


By default the following applies:

  • CSV files contains no headings in the file.
  • All columns are provided in all export files, but the content differs
  • Not all values on the debit line are repeated on the credit line (e.a. VAT code, Dimension data, Initials, TravelID, Enclosure no 

See attached field description

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