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Export types

In AcubizEMS, there are several export types depending on the time and status. This means that the same transaction can be included in multiple exporttypes.

The following exports are available (depending on setup)

1. Preregistration (provision)
2. Costs
3. Invoice
4. Cash advances
5. Invoice Management Service Invoices
9. Salary

Exporttype 1 + 3

Contains only credit card transactions (e-transactions).

Exporttype 2

Includes all posted costs, regardless of whether they are credit cards or cash expenses. The export can also include tax-free driving as well as Per Diem (allowance) but these are usually only included in export type 9 (Salary)

Exporttype 4

Contains only advance (if used).

Eksporttype 5

Contains creditor-invoice related transactions.

Exporttype 9

Contains employee related transactions that must be paid out or deducted in salary


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