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Default values of all users

In the event that there is information that is always the same on all users, this information is not required to include in user data from the delivery system. In these cases, Acubiz EMS can handle "default values" that are only set on a user at the time of creation

Example of user data

Default value


Language (default is english)


All users are created with Danish as the default language. This can be changed by the user after creation.


Yes (or no)

All users are created as Fasttrack users. This can be changed individually on the individual users of ADMIN.

Buttons in APP

Cash or card

By Fast Track = Yes; All users are created to make credit card and cash expenses. Can be individually changed by ADMIN.

Employee account (expenses)

Same value for all users

If the counter account for all users is the same, it may be used as default value and not in userdata.

After further review during implementation, these default values can be accurately clarified.




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