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Perform an advanced search

In Acubiz, more advanced searches can be made than those directly available through the search form itself, based on selected criterias.

The Search for field can be used for advanced searches that search for specific values


All transactions in Acubiz contain fields of values ... these are fields that can be searched for. Syntax for search on a field is: [FIELDNAME]="VALUE"

Search for dimensions that are closed / deactivated

In the search form only searches can be made on open dimension values, as only those appear in the selection list itself. But the following will search for transactions that contain the value on a closed dimension (Department, Project, etc). The following examples have the following setup:

Dim1 = Department
Dim2 = Projects

Search for: [Dim1]="12345"
Search for: [Dim2]="9000"


Search for e-transactions with specific MCC code

Searching on single MCC code: [ExpenseCode_fi]="6010"
Searching for multiple MCC codes: [ExpenseCode_fi]="6010"|[ExpenseCode_fi]="6011"


Search for costs approved by:

The syntax for this search is: [ConfirmedBy_fi]="APPROVER'S FULL NAME IN ACUBIZ"

Approvers full name is the combination of the First Name and Last Name on employee master data. This requires ADMIN access to see this.


The above will be as follows:

Search for: [ConfirmedBy_fi]="Darth Vader (BBB)"


Search for costs approved in FINANCE by:

The syntax for this search is: [ConfirmedByFinance_fi]="FULL NAME IN ACUBIZ"

The full name of the Finance users is the combination of the First Name and Last Name on employee master data. This requires ADMIN access to see this.

Search for: [ConfirmedByFinance_fi]="Master Yoda (DDD)" 


Costs included in payroll-file:

This can be used by employees to check if their costs are included in a payroll-file from Acubiz..

Search for: [EXPORTEDSALARY_FI]="Yes"


Search for cash withdrawals

Search for: [ADVANCETYPE_FI]=1



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