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Datastructure - fielddescriptions - Salary file

Acubiz standard format for payroll files is in the format MLE-40-LONA. This is the format for Multiløn Erhverv by Bluegarden. The format is relatively simple and can be configured to many other payroll systems with the information available in the MLE-40-LONA format.

This format description applies both:

  • Salary A: EMS: Tax-free Mileage, Travel allowance (Perdiem) and salary balance (expenses)
  • Salary B: TIME: Time Records by TIME.

The above means that 2 exports are made; one for salary and one for time registrations.

There are 32 columns in the file format, of which only some are used for values. In the following example, the following payroll codes are used:

  1. Mileage: 9001
  2. Travel Allowance (perdiem): 9002
  3. Salary balance (udlæg): 9003
  4. Time registration for a category (holiday): 9004


Data values are delivered as follows:

  • Amount: Decimalseparator are dot "." ie. 199.45
  • Date: (ddmmyyyy) ie. 01012017

Another setup of date and amount are optional.


Below are examples of the two files.

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