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Download Acubiz One

Acubiz One is the new App from Acubiz for handling company related costs used by employees.


The Acubiz One is available for the following smartphones:

  • iOS - Apple iPhone
    Downloaded via the built-in AppStore on your phone *
  • Google - Android (Samsung, Sony, Huawai, HTC, etc.)
    Downloaded via the built-in GooglePlay on your phone *

Click or scan the QR codes below to download Acubiz One

iOS - Apple > Google - Android >
Apple_Store.png Android_GooglePlay.png

* In order to use your phone's built-in app store, you must have a user account at Apple or Google. Apps can not be downloaded without login. In case of problems, please contact your company's internal IT department/helpdesk or your company's internal contact person.

Search for "Acubiz One" and it will appear in the latest and most up-to-date version available.

It is free to download from your phone's app store, but requires access to Acubiz systems to be used.

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