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Dashboard Customizing

Your personal Dashboard can be as personal as you like. If there are any information you are missing or want, you can change your Dashboard.

  • Add or remove areas
  • Change the order of the areas

You decide how to put these together.

NB. All settings made in Acubiz One are device-dependent. This means that the settings you make on your device is ONLY saved on your device. If you get a new device, the settings must be made again.

Add or remove areas and re-order.

If you want to add or remove areas, go to the menu BurgerMenu_ipad.png and then Settings-50_2x.png



Then you can change the content and order. There are 3 areas:

  1. Turned on:
    The content you want in your dashboard is put in this area.
  2. More
    In this area, the content you have chosen does not appear in your dashboard
  3. Disabled
    Content that is not enabled in your Acubiz solution will be in this area.

How to remove content from the dashboard.

  1. Press your finger on the 3 lines until the content "follows" your finger
  2. Drag it to the area you want.
  3. Release


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