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Handle Credit Card transactions

With Acubiz One, there are several ways to process your credit card transactions.

  1. Are you Fast-Track?
    Fast Track is a feature that allows you to send your transactions directly to your approver. You will not have to access Acubiz web for further processing.
  2. If you work with Expense Reports?
    If you work with Expense Reports, you process your credit card transactions on the app and submit them to Acubiz. Then you must log in to Web Acubiz (EMS) and make your expenses with your Expense Reports.

Nevertheless, the actual treatment in Acubiz One is similar. There may be a time aspect that gives 2 different scenarios in the way to handle the transactions in the Acubiz One

  1. Receipt immediately
    You take a picture of your receipt immediately, just after using the credit card. In this situation, the image of your receipt will enter Acubiz before the actual transaction from your credit card provider. There will be a match between the receipt and the transaction itself based on (1) Amount, (2) Currency and (3) date
  2. Receipt after a few days
    You take a picture of your receipt several days after you have used the credit card. This means that the electronic transaction from your credit card provider has already arrived at Acubiz - and can be seen directly in Acubiz One.

Receipt immediately:

You open the camera and focus on your receipt.

(1) Either by using one of your quick features from the Dock area


(2) Or, open the menu and select TAKE PICTURE


The camera is activated. You must give Acubiz One permission to use the phone's camera.


Press the SHUTTER button to take the picture. Depending on your settings, the Acubiz One will try the following:

  1. Finding Receipt: Cropping the image so disturbing items are removed around the receipt
  2. Finding amount: Technique that passes the receipt and finds the total amount

Once the picture is taken, save it.


Note. Always check if the receipt is legible and that all information is included. It is your responsibility that the receipt can be used as the correct documentation.

(1) Add extra receipt.

It is possible to attach more receipts per. transaction. Press + and repeat the previous process until all your relevant receipts are attached.


(2) Remove receipt and start over


(3) Make settlement

Then you enter the appropriate information you can indicate about your current costs.


Here, the CARD button is selected as this is a credit card transaction.

The transaction is being transferred and awaits a matching credit card transaction to Acubiz.

Receipt after a few days.

If your credit card transaction has come to Acubiz, it can be viewed directly in Acubiz One.

(1) Click on the small arrow and view the transactions below - slide left or right to browse through unfinished credit card transactions (2) Click on the large area and get a list of all the untreated credit card transactions.


In the list, select the transaction you want to process


Now you have to take a picture of the receipt - the same process.

Click + and take the photo


When the picture is saved, the rest must be completed. Since you have retrieved the information from the credit card, there are several things that are already filled in correctly (marked with green)


When the information is filled in, press TRANSFER

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