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Create per diem (Allowance)

Tax-free travel allowance is made when traveling for the company. Not all companies offer travel allowance if the company pays all costs on the trip, so the feature will not be available in Acubiz One.

The rules for travel allowance vary from country to country, and the example below is based on the Danish country rules. The way to fill an allowance via Acubiz One can be very similar.

Note that the actual calculation of travel allowance is not made in Acubiz One, but is first calculated based on the information you enter when it is transferred to Acubiz. The calculation is only made in Acubiz EMS.

Create travel allowance (per diem)

Click the diet icon in the Dock area


Or open the menu and press ADD NEW TRIP


(1) Fill out the relevant travel information that is required


Press NEXT.

(2) Consider the additions and/or deductions used on your trip

If your trip lasts for 3 days, swipe (right and left) between the days and put the "checkmark" in the correct deductions and additions (below is a checkmark for breakfast and lunch for this day)


When all days are set, press NEXT


Now you get an overview of your travel allowance. The following options can be used:

  1. Make possible corrections to the individual days by pressing the pencil icon.
  2. Delete your travel allowance and start over again by pressing X in the top left corner of the screen
  3. If you are satisfied with the result, press TRANSFER

Once the transaction has been transferred, you can view this directly in your Dashboard.


And in your history at the bottom




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