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Manage transactions (approve / decline)

As an approver, you can, with Acubiz One, process all transactions submitted for approval:

  1. Cash expenses
  2. Credit card transactions
  3. Driving in own car
  4. Travel allowance (Per Diem)
  5. Invoice (IMS invoices)
  6. Time registration
  7. Expense reports with multiple expenses attached
  8. Requisitions

Depending on the type of transaction, there may be different ways to process them.

When you open Acubiz One, you will see directly in your Dashboard whether there are transactions to be approved.


The WAITING FOR APPROVAL indicates whether there are transactions to be approved.

If you are approver in multiple companies (EMSs), you can choose which one you want to approve transactions from.


The actual processing of the transactions can take place in 2 ways

  1. Direct from Dashboard
  2. From a complete list

Approving directly from the Dashboard

By tapping the small arrow on the right side, you can show the transactions below ... one at a time, and by swiping right/left you can scroll through the individual transactions.


Features of each transaction:

  1. Transaction type (cash, Credit Card, Driving, etc.)
  2. Number of Receipts Attached - Click to View Receipt
  3. Approve the individual transaction
  4. Reject the individual transaction


Click on the transaction to see details that provide the following:

  1. Receipt
    Here's one or more receipts for this transaction and click on the receipt image to view it in larger format.
  2. Approve
  3. Reject


Press X to return to the overview.

Approve from a list

Click the large area on the left to view the list of all transactions for approval.


Then you will see the list where you can scroll up and down. The following items are the list of

  1. Display method
    Here you can choose (depending on setup) to sort by FIRMA, EMPLOYEES and CATEGORY. As a starting point, the list is displayed per. company.
  2. Search
    It is possible to make a search for the transactions and thus only show a selection of your choice.
  3. The actual transaction
    Here are the individual transactions with information about the type, amount, images and features for approval and rejection. Click on the transaction itself to see details.
  4. Approve all
    Based on what the list shows (filtering can be done) you can approve all with one button approve.


Expense Reports

It is possible to get an overview of Expense Reports and click to see details and attachments. Keep in mind that receipts should be considered per. attachment.





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