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News in version R6.7

Overview of the news that comes with the latest version of Acubiz EMS version R6.70.


All presentations used for the main presentation and workshops are available for download at the bottom in this article.

Acubiz One App:

New Acubiz One App with brand new user-friendly interface and optimized design. More options for individual setup after personal reference. The Acubiz One includes:

  • User overview
    • Dashboard for full overview of respectively. outstanding receivables
    • Access to history - what have you previously done
    • Outstanding on transaction level
  • User features
    • Digitize Receipts (Take pictures of receipts)
    • Allowance (per diem)
    • List of untreated transactions
    • Tax-free mileage - registration of driving in own car
    • Time registration
  • Approve / manager functions
    • Approve transactions, including expense, credit cards, allowance, driving and expense reports

See online guide for Acubiz One

Acubiz EMS (web version):

  • General update and optimization of Acubiz.
  • Management of Swedish Representation Rules (VAT)
  • Handling more EMS than the screen can display (Depending on the screen size)
  • Administrator can manually enter passwords to users (individually) without having to send new password by email.
  • Display of update key on employee master data.
  • Optimization of status mail. Can be selected if status mail must contain information about "loose" receipts or not.
  • New common login page with optimized design
  • Greater separation of e-mail sending per. EMS in a "One Staff More EMS" solution.
  • Cash Back Module


In general, search options have been optimized with the new reporting tool.

  • Multiple columns (up to 50) in the search results
  • Upon receiving a search results file, column headings are included in the file
  • More items to choose in the report

Country rules:

  • Baltics


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