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Icons and descriptions

Acubiz One contains icons explaining both status, transaction type and functions.


Depending on your setup, the following transaction types can be processed.

Cash Credit Card Mileage Per diem Time req. Expense Report
App_icon_Coins_dark_blue_2x.png App_icon_Creditcard_dark_blue_2x.png App_icon_Car_dark_blue_2x.png App_icon_Diet_dark_blue_2x.png time_ena_2x.png App_icon_Appendix_dark_blue_2x.png


Icons showing status

There are 3 different views of the status of all transactions. It appears by an additional icon on the transactiontype icon itself. The following shows only cash expenses.

(1) Unprocessed (2) In process (3) Settled
Expense_unprocessed.png Expense_inproces.png Expense_settled.png
You have not processed the transaction yet You have submitted for approval and it has not been approved Approved by Finance


Function icons

Depending on the setup, the following features can be performed in Acubiz One.

Icon Description
take_photo_enabled_2x.png Take a photo with your camera of your receipt (both Credit Card and cash)
upload_ena_3x.png Upload image from phone camera roll (both Credit Card and cash)
App_icon_Car_dark_blue_2x.png Start an automatic registration of driving in your own car (start-stop)
map_ena_2x.png Create a manual entry for driving in your own car
App_icon_Diet_dark_blue_2x.png Create a new per diem for travel (allowance)
time_ena_2x.png Make a time registration (hours or days)
report_ena_2x.png Create a report from your transactions
App_icon_Appendix_dark_blue_2x.png Create an expense report




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