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Data to Acubiz

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Data to Acubiz

In order for Acubiz to work properly, data must be entered into Acubiz. There are data like:

  • User Data (Provided by Customer)
  • Dimension data (Provided by customer)

Customer focus areas for integration:
The users to be created in Acubiz must be considered. Should it be manually handled or some automatic maintenance must be carried out - delivery of user data from a central system (possibly HR system or the like). The same applies to any. dimension data.

Manual or automatic maintenance:

Regardless of the method of data integration, data must be entered into Acubiz - this can be done in two ways:

  1. Manual handling
    By manual handling, this means that the manule must be created and maintained respectively. users and dimensions directly in Acubiz. Acubiz has a complete administration module to make and run, respectively. creation and modification of both user and dimension data. This takes place directly in Acubiz EMS via a web browser and so nothing has to be installed on the company's PCs.
    Please look at our user template document: UserData_template.xlsx This can be used for structuring your user data and at the same time Acubiz can use for the first time upload.
  2. Automatic integration
    If automatic integration is desired, there must be one or more of the company's systems that can deliver this data. Acubiz must have data delivered in a special way and therefore a talk with an IT resource must be taken about this.

For companies of less than 50 users and possibly. few dimensions, manual handling can best pay off. For more than this, a talk about automatic integration can pay off. It is also possible to make a combination of both manual handling and automatic integration eg. if the company has few users but many projects that need to be updated and maintained (or vice versa) on an ongoing basis.

If you want automatic data handling (integration), the customer must provide an IT resource that will be included in the process. This IT resource can be internal (the company's own) or external (the company's supplier) and should preferably be available for clarifying questions in connection with any. automatic integration of master data.


Already in the initial phase, the customer can inform this IT resource about the requirements for this integration of data into Acubiz (users and dimensions).

Technical documentation for automatic integrations:

The above information can be sent to the IT resource now.

General documentation about our integrations can be seen info 

In addition to master data (users and dimensions), there are other areas to be maintained in Acubiz. This is clarified at the implementation meetings.


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