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Data from Acubiz


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Data from Acubiz

Acubiz provides data that must be ready for posting to the company's ERP system (Accounting system). Acubiz provides an Acubiz standard posting file and this file must then be loaded into the accounting system.

If you want automatic data handling (integration), the customer must provide an IT resource that will be included in the process. This IT resource can be internal (the company's own) or external (the company's supplier) and should preferably be available for clarifying questions in connection with automatic integration of accounting data into the accounting system.

Already in the initial phase, the customer can inform this IT resource about the requirements for this integration of data from Acubiz (Posting Data).

There are 3 areas associated with accounting data

  1. Formation of accounting data in Acubiz
    In Acubiz, either manual entry of accounting data or automatic creation of accounting data can be performed. By manual creation, you store the posting file on its own computer. By automatically creating posting data, the posting file is stored on an Acubiz FTP server
  2. Transfer of accounting data from Acubiz to accounting system
    The transfer of the file from Acubiz to the accounting system can take place in two ways. If the file is created manually, you download the posting file locally (on its own computer) and from here you can work with it. By automatically creating accounting data there must be a system at the company that can download these files from Acubiz FTP server and place the file locally at the company.
  3. Loading of accounting data to any. cash register in accounting system
    When the file is located locally at the company (regardless of whether it is manual or automatic transfer), the accounting file must be loaded into the accounting system. A loading method must be created in the accounting system which can read the Acubiz accounting file and place this data in a checkout. The methodology for this is different from accounting system to accounting system - but the result is the same - data must enter the accounting system so that it can be posted.

Regardless of the method above, the accounting system must be able to read the Acubiz accounting file and here is the technical documentation for Acubiz's accounting data: This link can be sent to the IT resource already so that it can be looked at which possibly. resources to be planned.

This is an important point to get into place before Go-Live.

General documentation about our integrations can be seen info

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