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Before we start

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Power of attorney

In order for us to begin the implementation, a connection must be established between Acubiz and the company's credit card provider. Therefore a power of attorney must be filled in which you authorize the credit card provider to send electronic transaction data to Acubiz. 

The faster the power of attorney is filled in and returned to Acubiz, the sooner we receive data and can initiate the implementation process. Then Acubiz sends the power of attorney to the credit card provider and awaits data.

From the credit card provider receiving the power of attorney to Acubiz, data is received approx. 7-14 business days. Therefore, the power of attorney is an important factor in getting started well.

Credit card types.

For the most accurate setup, it is important for Acubiz to know which credit card provider the company is using. Eurocar, Master Card etc. Acubiz handles many different credit card providers.

Likewise, it is important to know who receives the invoice on the credit cards. There are the following agreements

  1. Company pays and company liens (Company fees)
  2. User pays and company liability (Private paid)
  3. User pays and uses liens (not to be in Acubiz).
  4. ....or other key ID (this depends on the company agreement).

Data delivery

In order to get the best benefit from Acubiz, 2 deliveries of credit card transactions must be ordered

  1. Day data (daily credit card usage)
  2. Invoice data (the monthly invoice from the credit card provider)

There may be cases where the credit card provider cannot provide invoice data, but it is recommended that if the credit card provider offers this, it will also be delivered to Acubiz. This gives better reconciliation options in Acubiz towards the company's accounting system (ERP).

If you are unsure about the above, Acubiz can help.


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