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Functional maintenance

We are continuously working to improve Acubiz BI, and we highly welcome feedback from our users about new functionalities or questions about current functionalites.
Acubiz BI is updated independently of general Acubiz EMS update cycles. Updates to Acubiz BI is automatically made available to Acubiz BI users.

For functional requests or feedback, please contact:


Acubiz BI is a separate optional module for Acubiz EMS and requires the latest version of Acubiz EMS. Acubiz BI can be accessed from a flash enabled browser by users, who are assigned the "statistics" role in Acubiz EMS. (Any modifications to statistics/BI’ user assignments will apply with next data update cycle).

Data update

Data in Acubiz BI is refreshed every night 23:00-01:00 (CET). During this time slot, Acubiz BI may be fully or partially unavailable to the user. Consequently, Acubiz BI displays dashboards and reports with data from latest update cycle.


The functionality of Acubiz BI is continuously adjusted based on user feedback. Acubiz BI is delivered as "as-is", and Acubiz A/S does not guarantee any specific functionality of Acubiz BI. Acubiz BI is used at own risk, and Acubiz A/S cannot be held responsible for any business conclusions that may be derived from the use of Acubiz BI.


For functional requests or feedback please contact:


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