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View receipt in Acubiz from accounting system

Acubiz makes it possible to view receipts and vouchers directly from the company's accounting system, for example, by marking a financial statement in the accounting system and pressing a button that picks up the document in Acubiz (via a web browser).

What it requires for Acubiz:

Basically, this is a standard feature from Acubiz 'page and therefore requires no configuration from Acubiz's page. However, there is a requirement for the specific setup of Acubiz.

  • TravelID must be included in Acubiz export file (Column 16 of Acubiz Standard Export Format>)
  • TravelID must be stored in the accounting system at the time of loading
  • TravelID must be used for return storage in Acubiz.

What it requires in the accounting system (ERP):

In order to use this feature it requires that a function must be developed in the accounting system that can make this return-link (a button within financial entries). This feature is not necessarily a standard feature of the accounting system and should therefore be examined in consultation with the company's accountsystem provider. Expenses associated therewith are held by the company itself and are therefore not related to Acubiz.

Examples of accounting systems:

  • Navision
  • Dynamics AX
  • SAP
  • C5
  • ... and many others

The functionality:

A unique URL must be generated per. transaction/posting and this is done with 3 elements - 2 static values ​​and a dynamic value.

Values ​​to be composed

  2. View call: /ShowDocument?OpenAgent&ID=
  3. TravelID ie.: 1000098

These 3 elements are composed to a unique URL per. entry.

Note: Item 1 "URL for EMS" can be found by logging into Acubiz EMS on the web and copying the URL from the address bar per. EMS.

Example of Composite Unique URL:

Note: You must log in when opening the document - ie. You can only view recording to the rights your userprofile has in Acubiz.

Who can see what in Acubiz:

  • Employee can see their own
  • Secretaries can see their own and those to whom they are secretaries
  • Approver/Leader can see their own and those they are approving for
  • Finance users can see everything.
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