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Credit Card receipt

Whe using your credit card on your trip, you have to document your purchase with a receipt. You have received a physical receipt and can now staple your receipt to your credit card purchase digitally with CAPTURE.

Select the CARD button when you need to document a credit card purchase.

Fill in the relevant information

Your digital receipt of your purchase on your credit card, is now being transferred to AcubizEMS.

When the credit card transaction appears in AcubizEMS, this and the digital receipt will be bound together using the following criteria:

  • Amount (+/- 1%)
  • Currency
  • Date

If your credit card purchase are 125 DKK and you have completed your digital receipt on the amount of 125 DKK there will be a MATCH between these two, and they are bound together.

Note: There can only be matched once per. credit card transaction in AcubizEMS.


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