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How AcubizEMS works

With access to AcubizEMS you have access to multiple tools to make your expenses correct according to your companys needs and rules.

The basic flow in AcubizEMS is the following:

Creditcard usage

  1. You use your creditcard to purchase an item somewhere
  2. You get a receipt for your purchase (Use CAPTURE)
  3. The creditcard transaction arrives in AcubizEMS after 1-2 days
  4. You log in to AcubizEMS in a web browser
  5. You handle the creditcard transaction

Handling the transaction means the following:

  • The type of cost (ie: Taxi, Parking etc.)
  • The correct dimension (ie: Costcenter, department, project etc.)
  • Attach the receipt to the transaction.
  • Submit for approval

Those are the basic steps to handle your expenses.


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