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What is an expense report

An expense report is a envelope or folder for more than one expense. In the old days you put your receipts in a envelope or folder and sent it by internal mail to the accounting department. In this envelope/folder there could be multiple receipts and documents related to the expenses you have used for the company.

An expense report is somewhat the same as this old fashioned envelope or folder.

In AcubizEMS the idea is to gather related expenses and receipts around the same travel-topic in one Expense Report so that the expenses you incurred in connection with the "Meeting in Berlin" are assembled to give yourself and your approver a good overview of the total cost of the trip.

An expense report can contain one or more elements of the following expenses:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Driving in own car (Mielage)
  • Allowance
  • Cash expenses
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