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Create an allowance

If your company holds travel allowance you can create an allowance in AcubizEMS which gives an amount of travel allowance.

NOTE: The following example is based on the Danish allowance rules. AcubizEMS supports allowance rules from other countries - contact Acubiz for further information.

In AcubizEMS there are two types of rates within the Danish allowance rules:

  • Full allowance (According to current rates)
  • Partal allowance (25%)

The initial allowancerate can be set individually by each employee in the employee master data, so that the employee does not have to (or can) choose what rate they want, but that it is defined for the employee.

Allowance types.
In order for an employee to get his allowance, these must be manually created by the employee from time to time. AcubizEMS does not calculate the allowance automatically when creating a expense report, but the employee must create an allowance to get his travel allowance.

You can create allowances in 2 ways in AcubizEMS

  • Create a single allowance (single annex)
  • Create a allowance on a Expense Report (along with other expenses)

Depending on the configuration of AcubizEMS creating Single allowance can be disabled and must therefore be created within an Expense Report.

Create an allowance.
Whether you create a single allowance or creates an allowance within an Expense Report, click Create, and then Allowance.

This takes you to a page where you need to define the details of the allowance you create.

Here you must specify the following:

  • Travel start date + Time
  • Travel end date + time
  • Destination Country
  • Destination

Then press Continue.

AcubizEMS now calculates the exact allowance amount for the specified time frame for the journey.

Press Save and Close to return to the Expense Report.

The allowance is now an annex line on Expense Report. Continue to finalize your Expense Report before submitting it for approval.

Allowance additions and deductions.
Using the full allowance rate, it is possible to indicate additions or deductions to be included in the calculation of the individual allowance.



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