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The AcubizEMS web interface overview

The landingpage of your AcubizEMS is the login page. When you login the default workarea appears:

Area 1:

This area contains the top-menu items such as the personal menu and help. In your personal menu you have several options:

Standard buttons:

  • (1) Log Off (Not used in Single Sign On configurations)
  • (2) My Settings
  • (3) Helpcenter (Acubiz)

Extended functions depending on the role and configuration:

  • (4) Switching between roles in Acubiz (shown only if you have additional roles)
  • (5) Secretary Function: Switch between the employees you, as secretary, have access to.
  • (6) Link: Company Policy (Acubiz administrator can make configuration)
  • (7) Link: party (Acubiz administrator can make configuration)
  • (8) Links: Travel Insurance (Acubiz administrator can make configuration)
  • (9) Link: Internal company contact and support (Acubiz administrator can make configuration)

Area 2:

In this area you have menu-items to switch between:

  • The unprocessed area where all your unprocessed expenses remain until they are sent to approval.
  • Approval area. The approval area are only vissible to those users that have the approver role in Acubiz.
  • Search area to make your own searches.

Area 3:

This is your workspace depending on the choice you have made in area 2.


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