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Create a new account

The chart of accounts in AcubizEMS is essential so that employees can make the correct choice. The number of accounts should not be too long nor too short. Make sure that the texts that employees see is understandable and meaningful to the selection.

It is easy to create, go to: ADMIN --> ACCOUNTS --> EXPENSE ACCOUNTS.


Press the Create Account button and fill in the information as you wish. The following information must be addressed:

  • Account Name:
    The name of the account as the employee sees
  • Account:
    Enter the account number used in the company's ERP system
  • Type:
    Choosing whether it is a Finance, debitor or kreditor account used.
  • Explanation required:
    When the employee chooses this account you can choose whether the employee must enter additional information. On Representation it could be that the employee must enter purpose and participants. Write the question that the employee should see.
  • Attachment required:
    Here it can be controlled if a receipt (attachment) are required when the account is selected. Either Not required or Required on the enclosure which means that it is a requirement that there must be documentation on the enclosure as an employee settles. Last, you can choose Required on the enclosure or the Expense Report, and it will be permissible for the employee to have an attachment directly on the enclosure or on the Expense Report.
  • Split only:
    Skal medarbejderen kunne kontere direkte på denne konto vælges Nej, men hvis medarbejderen kun kan vælge denne konto hvis der er via en split-konto vælges Ja.
    If the employee should be able to charge directly on this account select No, but if the employee can only select this account if it is via a split-account select Yes
  • Active:
    Should the account be active and visible to the employee select Yes, if No is selected, the employee cannot commit on the account
  • VAT on this account:
    Enter the VAT codes that apply for consumption domestic or foreign. When settling the employee chooses in which country the expense is made, and from this the correct VAT code are selected. Can be left blank if no VAT code should apply.


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