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What is a split account

A split-account is an account that contains references to (up to) 6 other expense accounts. This means that when the user selects a split account the cost can be splitted/divided between these expense accounts.

En split-konto er en åben split-konto som betyder at medarbejdere kan vælge andre omkostningskonti, når de foretager afregning.

A split account is an open split-account which means that employees can choose other expense accounts when settling their expenses.

As shown above, this split-account contains 5 references to ordinary expense accounts.

A single transaction can be split/divided in the 5 above expense accounts by specifying the amount of the settlement:

In this example, a single expense of 650SEK are splitted/divided in several expense accounts.

The split in the following expense accounts:

  1. Stay - Hotel (domestic) - SEK: 357,00
  2. Food - Meals - SEK: 45,00
  3. Food - Representation - SEK: 88,00
  4. Other - Phone etc. - SEK: 40,00
  5. Transport - Parking - SEK: 120,00

Overall, the amount is still SEK 650.00, but at export it is posted on 5 different expense accounts.


It is not necessary to make a split at a split account. By default the whole amount will be posted on the first account. Make sure the first account is the most likely.

Acubiz One does not support split account

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