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Finance group

The Finance group are assigned to those users that will verifi the settlements that are made by employees and approved by an approver, before settling shall be exported to the ERP system for accounting. Financial group includes the following areas:

Final approval:

  • Must approve all approved expenses from employees
  • Can make changes to the approved expenses
  • Can reject approved settlements - back to the employee or the approver.
  • Can check the documentation of all expenses

Creditcard match:

  • Can make a permanent match between credit card transactions and employees when an employee uses his credit card for the first time

Finance can also...

  • ... View all transactions by status of all employees
  • ... Move transactions from one employee to another
  • ... See reminder status of both employees and approvers
  • ... View transactions pending approval at approvers
  • ... Move transactions from one approver to another
  • ... Create cash advances to employees
  • ... Search and see all the expenses made by all employees
  • ... export settled expenses to ERP system
  • ... make reconcilliation


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