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Administrator group

The Administrator group provides a selected employee possibility to set up and manage AcubizEMS in the folowing areas:


  • Create new users
  • Disable users
  • Changing personal information on users
  • Switching group rights of users
  • Changing affiliations (Approvers and secretaries)
  • Manage postings, mileage and allowance, authentication levels, and more


  • Create new dimension values
  • Delete and disable existing dimension values


  • Create new expense accounts
  • Delete and disable expense accounts
  • Working with MCC codes (Article codes)
  • Create and update currencies
  • Accounting on credit cards

E-mail setup:

  • Change email settings including the content of e-mails sent from AcubizEMS
  • Enable and disable the status e-mails
  • Create and modify the plan for dispatch of reminder e-mails
  • Allowance rates, Mileage rates and country-selection
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