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Dimension fields and settings

Depending on the company's configuration in AcubizEMS, it may be necessary to create and maintain the dimension values that should be available for employees to make settlements.

A setup would be to use two dimensions

  • Department
  • Project

This means that the employee must choose a department or project for settling, so that the cost will be posted correctly.

There are several options for configuration in AcubizEMS:

Department dimension:

  • The department is set on the employee so that the employee does not have to take a choice when settleling (AcubizEMS fills for the employee)
  • The Department dimension can be locked (and hidden) for the employee (AcubizEMS fills for the employee)
  • The department may be empty, and only used IF the department information on the setlement are needed.
  • The department may be empty, but required that the employee must choose at each settlement
  • etc.

Project dimension:

  • Like the department, but often a project dimension are a dimension which the employee must consider from settlement to settlement.
  • The project can be optional or required.

Dependence between dimensions

Another possibility could be that at the department level, specific projects should be accessible only from the department you choose (or belongs to).

Could look like this:

  • Sales department
  • --Project A
  • --Project B
  • Marketing department
  • --Project C
  • Finance department
  • --Project D

The above configuration with dimensions dependencies means that employees in the sales department can not choose Project D, as this can only be selected if belonging to the Finance Department.

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