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Create a cash expense

If you have used cash to pay for a company-related expense, you have to create a cash expense to get the money reimbursed.

Depending on AcubizEMS configuration a cash expense can be created in 3 ways:

  1. Phone: Use CAPTURE to create a cash expense
  2. Web: Create a cash expense directly from unprocessed
  3. Web: Create a cash expense from within an expense report

The first model is the most commonly used method since both digital receipts and cash expense are created in the same operation.

Use of CAPTURE is an optional extra for AcubizEMS.

Read how to create a cash expense with CAPTURE

Manual creation of cash expense:

The method to create a cash expense, either directly from the unprocessed area or from within a Expense Report

Then the cash expense opens and is ready to be filled with the relevant information

  • Amount (optional the currency type)
  • Expense account (type of cost)
  • Dimensioning (Costcenter, project etc.)
  • Documentation in the form of a receipt (attached document - use CAPTURE)


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