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Create a driving (mileage)

If you use your personal car for business-related purposes, you can reclaim your mileage from government rates, tax-free.

Depending on the country, rules and amounts vary.

In AcubizEMS standard there are 3 options to create a Mileage in your own car:

  1. Create Mileage using the Acubiz Mileage app
  2. Create a manual mileage, directly from unprocessed (can be disabled)
  3. Create a manual mileage, directly from a Expense Report

Create a Mileage manually:
Whether you are in your unprocessed area, or within an Expense Report, the process is the same to create a manually mileage.

  • Click Create
  • Choose Driving

This will create a new mileage document which must be completed with all relevant information:

  • The car's registration number
  • From: Address and postcode and cityname
  • To: Address and postcode and cityname
  • KM: The correct mileage of kilometers.

On the same drive driving enclosure there can be created six driving-lines, each with its own distance. This means that you may have driving the same day, with up to 6 different destinations.

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