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New in version R6.4

Here is a summary of news in version R6.40.


    - Users of the fast track can view CASH (as now) and/or CARD
    - Before the only CASH, now also for credit card transactions
    - More options under settings with activation/deactivation of functions
  • Billedbehandling
    - Automatic 'find receipt'
    - Manual cropping
    - A tilted image can be corrected
    - Optical filters makes the receipt more readable
    Amount Recognizing on receipts


  • Dimensions ready end of November


  • On all three platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8.x)
  • Faster load of master data

General information about all apps:

    - The direct route to approval - for all Apps. CAPTURE, MILEAGE and TIME.
    - Send directly to approval from the App
  • Requiring password at login for all Apps
    Introduces requirements for entering personal password for all Apps for, to improve security for the employee and the company.
  • Improved speed
    The speed is significantly improved in all aspects, especially the dimensions
    load and processing time for 14,000 dimensions now 10-15 seconds


  • Auto Match of invoice by credit card transaction
  • Similarly to CAPTURE feature
  • Enter amount in the 'Subject'



Viewing receipts:

  • Move the mouse over the picture and see details
  • Left-click and display the image in a separate window

Electronic documentation:

  • Now always attachment via camera-icon
  • You can attach PDF, jpg, png, gif directly from your PC
  • Also applies to Mail-In attachments
  • Scanned expense is sufficient for SKAT (read more at SKAT applies to Denmark)
  • In accounting law, there is nothing to prevent the electronic reciepts (read accounting law §10 paragraph 2 applies to Denmark)

Dimensions controlled accounts

  • Possible to show only the accounts relevant to individual users
  • Accounts that are irrelevant, due to the dimension-controlled accounts, are hidden and can not be selected.

Search - configured by the end user

  • The user can select the columns to display and export
  • Unlimited number of setups

Direct exports of the views of the Finance

  • Featured views in Acubiz can now be received directly via e-mail for further processing or overview.
  • No more export via copy/paste or setting up a search
  • Now it's just a click
  • Applicable to the provisions views
    ... more to come

Status-mail to users

  • According to the chosen frequency users are notified if something is due for treatment, all in one email
  • Applies to Employees (untreated transactions and images) and Approver (for approval)

Default E-mail Setup - new customers

  • Status-mail active only on Fridays
  • All other e-mails to the user are disabled (less "spam" by default)
  • Users who want more notifications can make their own changes.

Auto Billing - now with specific split

  • Autosplit on subsplit accounts
  • Leasing and telephone costs are distributed automatically
  • The user should only check and send for approval

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)
Acubiz offers Single Sign On

  • No need for logging into AcubizEMS - they simply log onto their computer
  • Users enters their email once, and accesses AcubizEMS seamlessly forward.
    ADVANTAGES in using Single Sign ON
    - Users don't need to remember a separate password
    - Simple to use in a browser
    - Reduced risk of data leakage (Acubiz identify + ADFS)
    - The Company internal security policy controls the process for AcubizEMS
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