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Automatic accounting with Article codes (MCC codes)

What is a Merchant Category Code?
A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number used by the bankcard industry to classify suppliers into market segments. There are approximately 600 MCCs that denote various types of business (e.g., 5111 Office Supplies, 7299 Dog Grooming Services, 5722 Household Appliance Stores).

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AcubizEMS can use this information to help employees with proper cost accounting in credit card transactions.

When a credit card transaction enters AcubizEMS the MCC code is read. If there is an expense account which contains the same code, the credit card transaction will be charged with this cost account.


  • You have used your credit card to pay a Taxi.
  • Taxi has the MMC code 4121

If there is a cost account in Acubiz where MCC-code field is filled with 4121 AcubizEMS automatically make sure that the credit card transaction is charged with Taxi cost. The employee should not even account the cost  - AcubizEMS has already done it for the employee.

All payment places that accept credit cards will be allocated an MCC code. However, not all types of costs that can auto-accounted by an MCC code-match. For example, in AcubizEMS there are a cost account for Meals and one for Representation. Often, the accounting charged of these may be different, but the MCC code of the restaurant is the same. It will therefore be inappropriate to have an MCC code on Meals - as all costs from restaurants will be auto-accounted as Meals. The employee has a tendency not to make a cost shift when Acubiz have done it for them.

Enter MCC code intervals in MCC Code field on the expense account:

Use the MCC codes wisely. It is not possible to apply the same MCC code for two different cost accounts in AcubizEMS.


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