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Create a cash advance

If an employee are going on a business trip and want cash for the trip, this must be handled by an employee with FINANCE-role.

The following options are available:

  • Payment of cash advances.
  • Returning cash advances.

Note that it is individually from company to company, whether cash advances are offered to employees. Learn more about this in the company's finance department.

The employee contacts an employee in FINANCE to get a cash advance in a given currency, for his/hers business trip.

  • Employee wants 500 EUR in cash on the journey.

In acubizEMS a cash advance are created wich creates a advance-transaction the employee must settle. In practice a cash advance is an advance of the employee's salary. This means that the employee on the settlement date will be deducted in salary (depending on the setup of AcubizEMS).

Cash advances are treated during FINANE -> DOCUMENTS -> ADVANCES and requires FINANCIAL-role to handle.

Creating a cash advance:

When an employee is given a cash advance this shall be registred in Acubiz, and subsequently in the company's accounting system (ERP) via an export file.

Click on Create advance.

Fill in the advance form with the relevant information about employee and currency:

You must consider the following:

  • Date of delivery of the advance (Today's date is selected by default)
  • Currency type (EUR, DKK, USD etc.)
  • Currency amount
  • Currency exchange
  • Employee to recieve the cash advance

When completed, press Save and Close.

The advance is now located in the list of created advances. In the Advance - menu you can choose the following options to show the advances made, showed by flow status.

In Progress: Curr/Empl.
Current advances can be sorted by currency per. employee so that the overview are grouped by CURRENCY first and then EMPLOYEE

In Progress: Empl/Curr.
Current advances can be sorted by employee per. currency so that the overview are grouped by EMPLOYEE first and then CURRENCY

PreReg not used: Curr/Empl.
Overview showing advances wich is preregistered in the accounting system but not settled by the employee grouped by CURRENCY then EMPLOYEE.


Used: Empl/Currency.
Overview showing the advances that the employee has settled.

Creating a returned advance

The process for a returned advance that are returned by the employee, is the same frocess as advances - use the Create returned advance.

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