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Moving individual credit card transactions to another employee

Situations may arise where two (or more) employees are traveling together and one employee (Darth Vader) has misplaced or lost his credit card. The other employee (Luke Skywalker) use his company credit card to make purchases for the other employee (Darth Vader).

The problem may be that these transactions are arriving at Luke Skywalker's AcubizEMS, but he does not want his budget to strain from these expenses, so he contacts the finance department to get them to move these specific transactions to Darth Vader - so he can settle these costs on his budgets.

Finance can see all transactions which lies on the individual employees and is the only one with rights in AcubizEMS to make this movement of transactions. Employees themselves can not move transactions between each other. Proceed as follows:

  1. Go in Finance
  2. Select Documents
  3. Click All by employee
  4. In the Status list select Current
  5. Expand transactions for employee Luke Skywalker who made purchases for Darth Vader with his credit card.
  6. Select the transaction to be moved
  7. Press Change employee
  8. Select the new employee to transfer the transactions to (Darth Vader)
  9. Press OK.

The transactions have now been moved from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader, who now can settle these transactions as if they were from his own card.

Note that moving the transactions do not interfere with the permanent match made on Luke Skywalker's credit card transactions. He still receives all transactions used on his corporate credit card.


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