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Create a new dimension value

If a new dimension value within a dimension level should be created, the following should be considered:

  • Dimensions level (Department, Project, etc.).
  • Value to be exported to the ERP system (accounting system)
  • Text to be displayed for the employee

Dimensions level:
First, choose which dimension level you want to create a new value for. It could be project level where new projects should be created (this may vary depending on setup)


Project level is now selected and new projects can be created.


Now enter the information below to create a new project.


The following fields are needed:

  • ID:
    There must always be given an internal Acubiz ID. This ID must be unique across all dimension values and levels.
  • Name:
    This is what the employee sees when they should be at this dimensional level (eg. Department)
  • Book value:
    This is the exact value you want to be transferred to the ERP system (accounting system) so the value are recognized as an (eg.) project.
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