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Approver group

Getting the approver-group (role) means basically that the user can be assigned as approver for other employees. Being actual approver for an employee you must be added as approver for an employee.

If you are added as approver for one (or more) employees you will receive all costs from these employees, for approval. An approver that receives exxpenses for approval have several checkpoints before approving or rejecting.

  • Is the cost within the agreed range - and thus in order?
  • Is there proper documentation of the expenses (receipts)?
  • Are costs properly dimensioned (department, project, etc.).

There can be more or fewer checkpoints for an approver than the above, but the principle is that the approver must relate to the cost from the employee.

Approver has three options:

  • Approve costs
  • Reject costs (back to the employee)
  • Move expenses to another approver *

* Acquisition option in AcubizEMS.

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