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Flow in AcubizEMS

AcubizEMS provides data for the company's financial system in the form of export files to be loaded into the financial system (ERP). The data coming into AcubizEMS must therefore be exported after they have passed through AcubizEMS engine.

The data that comes in can be of different origin.

  • Automatic data through credit card transactions
  • Manually entered data from users.

Regardless of origin, the data is delivered to the financial system, but before the data through a configured flow of treating both

  • Staff
  • Approvers
  • Finance staff

The flow can be constructed differently from company to company, but the basic principles of flow is the same - before a proper posting file can be delivered to the accounting system.

Employees have the following process:

  • Selecting the type of cost for all costs (credit cards, cash expenses, mileage, allowance and cash advances)
  • Selection of dimensions for all costs (cost center, project, etc.)
  • Documentation in the form of valid receipts for all costs
  • Possibly gather related costs on an Expense Report for better overview to the employee and the manager
  • Sending costs for approval

The approver has the following process:

  • Check received costs complies with company policies
  • Check for a valid proof of costs (reciepts)
  • Approve or reject received costs

Financial employee has the following process:

  • Check that eligible costs comply with company policy
  • Check if the documentation complies with current practice.
  • Approve or reject the approved costs.
  • Making export costs for the accounting system (ERP)
  • Making export costs for the payroll system.
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