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Match credit card transactions to an employee permanently

In the menu Not Matched all credit card transactions that are not affiliated to an employee resides. The financial employees task is to link/associate the individual credit card transactions with an employee/user created in AcubizEMS.


Create a permanent match to an employee:

The transactions in Not Matched must now be linked to the employee that match the transactions. When new transactions arrive to AcubizEMS the next time, the transactions will automatically be placed to the right employee.

We are thereby making AcubizEMS wiser about who should settle the incoming credit card transactions

Do like this:


  1. Go to Not Matched
  2. Expand the credit card provider (press the plus sign)
  3. Expand transactions for the employee (Press the plus sign)
  4. Select one transaction
  5. Press Make employee card button
  6. Select the employee who must have the transactions in the future
  7. Press Make employee card button

You will se this confirmation page

Press the Save & Close & Rematch E-transactions button.

In the future the credit card transactions will automatically be forwarded to the selected employee.

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