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Show transactions per employee

To get an overview of the transactions held by individual employees All by employee can be used. You can perform filtering by both the status and type.


Alle efter medarbejder visningen viser som udgangspunkt alle typer af transaktioner og omkostninger der er relateret til en bruger i AcubizEMS. Visningen giver mulighed for, at filtrere disse efter behov ud fra 2 kriterier:

The All by employee view shows all types of transactions and expenses related to a user in AcubizEMS. The view allows to filter these on the basis of 2 criterias:

  • Status
  • Type

The options under Status:

  • Current
  • Reported ready
  • Approved
  • Exported
  • Not matched

The options under Type (based on the options that are available to the company):

  • E-transactions
  • Expense Reports
  • Cash expenses
  • Driving (mileage)
  • Allowance
  • Advance
  • Requisitions

By using a combination of both status and type, you can view exactly the transactions you want.

An example could be:

  • Status: Current
  • Type: E-transactions

This provides an overview of employees with e-transactions which are not submitted for approval (reported ready) yet.

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