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Create a returned cash advance

When an employee returns from a trip and have foreign currency cash in return, the employee may return this currency to the finance department. This is treated by an employee with FINANCE-role.

Note that it is individually from company to company, whether cash advances are used (and returnable advances). Learn more about this in the company's finance department.

Employee returns his/hers cash currencies to an employee in FINANCE to get a cash return advance.

  • The employee returns EUR 200.

Return Advance must be created in AcubizEMS forming a return advance transaction for the employee to settle (possibly. along with the initial advance).

Returned cash advances are treated under FINANCE -> DOCUMENTS -> ADVANCES and requires FINANCIAL-role to handle.

Create a returned advance

Once the employee has returned cash it must be created in Acubiz, and subsequently in the company's accounting system (ERP) via an export file.

Press the Create Return advances.

Fill advance form with the relevant information about employee and currency:

The following must be addressed:

  • Date of returning advances (Today's date is selected by default)
  • Currency type (EUR, DKK, USD etc.)
  • Currency amount
  • Currency exchange
  • Employees who is returning currencies

When completed, press Save and Close.

The employee now has a return advance and must settle this.



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