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When credit card transactions arrive at the first time

When credit card transactions arrive at AcubizEMS the transactions will be treated with the mappings created. One scenario could be that when Acubiz get credit card transactions with a particular card number, these will automatically be moved out to a particular employee who can then further process and settle them.

As a starting point, we expect that all employees have their own personal credit card they use work related. These credit cards are equipped with an ID from the credit card provider. AcubizEMS uses this ID to make a match between the individual credit card transactions and the employee created in AcubizEMS.


  • Luke Skywalker has a Eurocard
  • Han Solo has a Eurocard

In order to identify the two employees' credit card transactions from each other, AcubizEMS are using the individual employees Eurocard card-ID.

  • Luke Skywalker has a Eurocard with ID 25471000000000x
  • Han Solo has a Eurocard with ID 25471000000002

A Eurocard ID has no information about Eurocard'ets card number!

This means that every time the two employees are using their credit cards, their transactions are being labeled with their Eurocard ID and this information arrives in AcubizEMS with their consumed transactions. As the image above shows there are now Eurocard transactions spread out on the two ID numbers (and an accompanying card holder name).

Now there are two things to be done for these first-time transactions.

  1. Matching:
    Create a match between the Eurocard ID and the created employee and thereby making a permanent match of all future transactions for the selected employee (Automation)
  2. Moving:
    Manually moving individual transactions to a selected employee one time opnly (Manually moving)

This is done under FINANCE --> NOT MATCHED

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